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How much does making a website or application cost?

We often hear such questions. The answer we give is: from a few to tens of thousands of euros. Is it possible to make a good website for a few thousand euros? It is. Is it possible for a website to cost tens of thousands of euros? Quite possible.

It being so, can the making of a website be evaluated more precisely – during the first call, or a meeting? Of course! This only requires gathering and organizing information, preparing specifications and determining the scope of the work to be performed by the Agency.

7 basic questions

Therefore – before asking the big question – try to answer some basic questions listed below:

  1. What character is your website supposed to have (is it to be a typical page about the company, about the product, an online store, an image website, etc.)?
  2. Why do you want a website? Maybe it turns out that you (or your brand) do not need it and you might save from a few to tens of thousands of euros?
  3. Do you know what mechanisms are to work on the website for you to reach your goals? We probably know that – so you may want the Agency to suggest effective solutions that will secure those goals?
  4. Who are we talking to? In other words, who will be visiting the website we make?
  5. Do you have the content to be placed on the website? What ‘quality’ is the content? Is it a text from a product folder or a catalog?
  6. What kind of extra content do you need to create for the website to be interesting for people who will be visiting it? Why should they visit the website? / we can help you with that, of course/
  7. When is the website to be ready by?

Website of Windows and Doors Manufacturer. This is just the beginning.

The issues of technological implementation of websites, content management systems, website responsiveness, analytics, post-performance promotion of the website and several issues – these are deliberately omitted in this brief description.

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