Design And Printing

Folder design, catalog design, design and printing. Graphic design and printing of promotional materials.

The graphic design of a catalog or advertising folder should be well thought out, as it is an important element in building the image of the company. In the case of company folder design, we do not use a specific orientation diagram. We offer our clients varied creative solutions.

We guarantee a full range of services related to the production of folders and business catalogs, from the concept, through design, to printing. We make the necessary photo sessions, graphic illustrations, 3D visualizations for the production of folders and catalogs. Do you need a catalog? - send us your inquiry or call: +48 508 178 033.

Folder design, catalog design, design and printing. Graphic design and printing of promotional materials.

First comes the concept.

Designing a business catalog or folder starts by discussing the concept. Together with the customer, we set the objectives of the production of the publication, its volume and the information contained. We break down the content and recommend the form of the publication. Sometimes a small change in the format, going beyond the standard, makes the folder designed by us stand out visually.

Attractive graphic form.

In the folders we design, we use different forms to illustrate the content. We make photo sessions both for individuals and companies, as well as photos of products. Graphic design of a folder can also be based on the use of hand-painted illustrations or graphic and photographic collages. Our 3D department is prepared to make three-dimensional visualizations of products or rooms.


As part of the projects, we also provide copywriting services. We have an intuition on how to talk about the company and its products, depending on their nature and customers. If the designed folder or catalog is made in order to reach foreign recipients, we provide aid in the translation of texts.

Preparing to print.

Our graphic department has extensive experience in preparing various publications for printing, including those of high volume.

Printing folders and catalogs.

We offer our customers full support in the production of catalogs and company folders. We are prepared to provide a full range of services, from designing folders and catalogs to printing them.

Need a new company folder? Wondering how it would look? We provide full support in the implementation of such projects.