Videos And CommercialsProduction of Commercial for Pringles

Production of Commercial for Pringles. Preparing christmas animation for the brand Pringles. Production based on 2d animation with 3d animation elements.



Film and video production in Poland

Videos and advertising spots

We make advertising videos, promotional videos, instructional videos, training videos, branding videos, corporate material.

We have been making advertising videos for many years. These videos have a different character and purpose. They are made primarily to present companies, brands, features of products or services, unique offers, or are more pro-sales.

Instructional, training and information videos show the functioning of a product; they also present the principles of operation of mobile applications and websites. We record video, make 2D and 3D animations, record sound (speaker, music) and combine it all on the stage. The possibilities are limited only by our imagination and the customer’s budget.

Advertising videos – types.

We have been making commercials for over 15 years. We often hear the question: “How much does the preparation of a commercial cost?”. The first step in answering this question is to know the expectations of the person asking. At the beginning, it would be good to look a little closer at advertising videos and try to divide them into different categories. This division is created artificially and is intended to assign different kinds of implementation to categories, which differ in their nature, method of implementation, and cost.

The category of advertising videos (as opposed to advertising spots) include projects that last longer than 45-60 seconds. Depending on what role the video is to perform – advertising videos can be divided into:

Promotional videos.

These videos are created to showcase the unique characteristics of a brand, product, or service. These features may be permanent or time-limited (e.g. seasonal reduction in price). Promotional videos are to encourage the viewer to make a certain, specific action (register on a website, purchase product samples, participate in a loyalty program, etc.). These videos are longer commercials. Watch commercials.

Corporate videos, “About the Company“ videos, branding, advertising videos.

These are videos that showcase the company’s scope of activities, its history, functioning, potential growth opportunities, etc. These videos are often replaced by multimedia presentations. They are used during meetings, training sessions, conferences, at fairs, but also on websites. See examples of such videos: EDF GroupAdampol SA.

Instructional videos, training videos, explainer videos.

These videos show the function of, or discuss how to use a product/service. This group includes videos showing how to use paint, but also videos on the functional scope of an Internet website. Training videos are often used as a supplement to traditional training. See an example of such a video: Alpina – Caparol Group.

Presentation videos.

It is a combination of a video about the company/brand with an instructional video. A single video or animation presents both your company (or idea) and the product, its characteristics, way of operation. See an example of such a video: HenexSokółka Okna i Drzwi.

Advertising spots, commercials.

At 4e, we make advertising spots comprehensively. They contain video, 2D and 3D animations, accompanied by sound (speaker, music) and are prepared in a format suitable for broadcast. We make spots from scratch – that is, starting from the preparation of the concept and the script. We also produce spots based on ready scenarios.

Valuation always depends on the measures that will be used during the implementation and on how long and in what media the spot will be aired. If you are wondering how much it costs: feel free to contact us: +48 508 178 033 or send us inquiry: [email protected]