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Logo design Studio Kulinarne 7/1

The logo is the most important!

This is one of the most important means of communication between brands and businesses and their customers. This is where the implementation of a marketing communication strategy and image building is started. A well-designed logo must take into account the many needs of visual and marketing purposes. First of all, it should emphasize the nature of the brand and build the first, important associations around it. A logo for a company wishing to be associated with innovation will be designed differently than for a brand that wants to emphasize traditional values. At 4e, we understand those needs.

The designed logo should also be easily adapted to different media and transformed to simplified color versions.

Corporate Identity Book (CI)

A company logo cannot be freely modified, both in terms of shape and color. The Corporate Identity Book is the unification of exposure for a trademark, copied using any technique and applied to different materials. It includes the presentation of possible logo variants, either in full color, as well as black and white or monochrome. The CI book also shows the minimum size of the logo and the so-called protective field around the sign, which ensures clarity of exposition. We also define colors that can and cannot accompany the logo.

A complete CI book also sets the typography of business materials and the designs of the basic means of marketing communications, such as business cards, commercial products and brand identification systems.

Investing in the CI book is not a big cost. It does, however, ensure that the logo designed for our company or brand will be properly exposed. Especially if it is to be placed on different materials by external entities.

Logo facelift.

A well thought-out and designed logo will serve us for many years. However, it may happen that as a result of company development or the passage of time, it requires modification. These changes may be subtle or radical, depending on the needs. The ultimate goal is always to adjust the visual logo to the needs of the company’s customers or of the brand’s buyers. The logos facelift can also symbolize change and dynamic development of the company.

Changing the logo.

Sometimes, for example due to changing the name of the company or the outdated graphical form, a facelift of the current logo is insufficient. The only reasonable solution is to design a new logo, adapted to the current trends and marketing policy of the company.

Need to design a logo? Thinking about a logo facelift or change? Don’t have a CI book designed? We will advise and design what you need. We approach every logo design individually.