2D/3D Animations And CGIDemo reel, 3D animation in Poland

Here you can find the demo reel, which includes pieces of our latest work. Spend 2 minutes and see what can we offer. If you have any questions – feel free to contact us: +48 508 178 033 or send us inquiry: [email protected]  

3D animation in Poland + 3D visualizations

We create 3D animations, character animations, animated scenes, product animations, objects.

3D animations are often a component of a larger production. They are made as a complement or expansion of the content presented in advertising videos and spots.

The department creates 3D models of characters, products, but also more complex scenes and elements that are animated at a later stage of the project. If you want to present your product or service in an interesting and modern way – using the techniques of 3D animation – we are at your service.

If you want to know the cost – please send us a description of the project and your expectations.

3D animations, 2D animations, animations for presentations, animations for commercials, character animations, scenes.

How much does it cost to prepare a 3D animation, computer animation, 2D animation, etc.?

The cost of preparing this type of animation is always determined individually. The basis for the calculation, as with other projects, is the time-frame for implementation and the number of people involved in the performance of a specific project. Therefore, to accurately determine the cost, we need to know what kind of animation you need. , what it is to be used for, and how. If you know what kind of animation you need or have links to examples of implementation that suit you in terms of quality and their way of making – send this information to us. This will speed up our quotation.

How are 3D animations made?

Preparing a 3D animation in Poland usually starts by building appropriate models of objects, characters, creating entire scenes. These components are built in a virtual environment with the help of appropriate software. Later, depending on the assumptions, the objects, characters or scenes are further processed, refined, animated – the result is the animation, which is then rendered frame by frame and passed on for further processing.

Why increase the budget for the project?

Increasing the project budget by 10-25% often gives us the opportunity to use additional techniques in the implementation of 2D animations, 3D animations, spots, or advertising videos. This, of course, has an impact on the final result and the way in which this type of production will be evaluated by the final recipient. To enrich a spot or video with additional 3D animations, character animations, computer animations, we must devote some days of extra work. When it comes to the end result – it is worth considering such a possibility. We mention this with over 11 years of functioning on the market, with considerable experience.

3D visualization of products, or photographs: what to choose?

3D visualization of products are generally developed for two reasons. The first reason is that at the time of preparing advertising materials (e.g. folders) – the product does not physically exist yet (e.g., design stage) – and photographs cannot be made. Sometimes a 3D visualization helps to introduce features in a way that could not have been presented in photographs – e.g. by making a cross-sectional view, showing the visualization of the product.

The second reason is the cost of implementation. It is much cheaper to make photo-realistic visualizations of interiors, with arranged products (e.g. furniture) – than to carry out an expensive photo shoot. With the right implementation quality of a 3D visualization, the effect of the final photo shoot and 3D visualization will be comparable in quality.